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The Answer Is No

No. 1/1/11 has no more numerological significance than 1/1/01. To indicate as such would drop the “all important and makes a difference” 2. On the contrary, 1/1/08 was an actual 1-1-1 event that most everyone missed. And likewise 11/11/09 was an actual 11-11-11 event. Numerologically speaking. Sure, you can assign whatever meaning you like to … Continue reading


It’s November 2009.  A month I’ve been waiting to experience.  There’s not much going on (in my book) in astrological or other circles.  This month’s significance is really all NUMBER.  The 11th month in the first 11 year in 99 years.  I’ve already written extensively about what the master number 11 means.  You can find much … Continue reading

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