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The True Energy Of Number 7 In Numerology Is Not What You Think

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“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” –Voltaire

The number 7 in numerology is the number of The Scribe and The Hermit.  You will find many texts that tie the number 9 to The Hermit card of the Tarot, but this is an error. The Hermit seeks and preserves knowledge. The 9 does not do this. The 7 does.

Sevens are The Preservers of Truth. They are the map makers, the scientists, the gurus. They research, practice, test and seek, needing time with their thoughts, time in their labs uninhibited and time with Spirit alone. They are the deep intellectuals who rarely find value or patience in the trivial things.

Seven has been called the “Number of Perfection.” But it’s never been about being perfect. “Perfection of the Question” or the “Quest” is the wisdom lesson provided by Number 7’s Divine Archetype. All growth and enlightenment begins with questioning. And good questions bring good answers. And if your question is not good enough, it will get no where.

Sevens are the ones most likely to answer someone’s question with the phrase, “Well, that depends,” and then they will proceed to ask their own questions to hone the original query into a clearer one before answering with precision.

Hence, strive to perfect your questions and you will find Truth.

Once you have found it, pass it on.



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