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Transmutation Does Not = Maintaining the Status Quo…

Originally published 03-02-10 at my main metaphysical/spiritual blog at http://TheSeekersWindow.wordpress.com

Everything about this physical life is connected to the spiritual.

That’s what being Here is all about.  That’s why we incarnate Here.  To be blessed by what we learn and overcome on this very dense plane of existence – to benefit our Souls.  There is not, as some would prefer to believe, a separation between the two facets.  It is yin/yang in teamwork and action.

Life is about the overcoming.  This does not mean that Life is not about Joy too.  But we came here to to this greatest school of all to get something out of this existence.  Easy wasn’t part of the picture.  Like all things physical, it takes testing and trial to bring growth and expansion.

If anything, I hope for others to see that it’s not that different from working out at the gym.  Most people today can begin to see that in spite of how physically uncomfortable it might be in the moment, stressing our bodies in a proper workout can be very beneficial.  As we push our body limits so they grow, our bodies become healthier and stronger.  Our mental and emotional attitudes also improve as a result.  Our abilities to multi-task expand.  And as we commit ourselves to the ritual of challenge and overcoming, we find that we really do often enjoy it.  And yet if we neglect this need, we miss it.

Life, and the Spiritual aspects of it,  in and of themselves are not much different.   We basically take adversity and turn it into joy and triumph.  We take a lower vibration and learn to transmute it into something higher.   We take a negative experience and learn to create something positive from it.  It is our purpose.   To create.  And to learn from, and improve upon, that act.  The entire process of the world around us reflects this truth.  And Nature wholeheartedly embraces it.

Healthy living involves challenge on all levels.

No where in Nature or Spirit is atrophy desirable.



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