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A reprint of my previous article published a few years ago for your enjoyment……


Among the questions I often receive, the subject of business names is pretty prominent on peoples’ minds.  

It can be a daunting and even emotional task to come up with just the right business name.  One that reflects the image you wish to portray.  One that people will remember.  One that draws the desired clients.  One that gives a positive impression, not just the first time a person hears or sees it, but every time.  One that you as the owner like and are willing to be “called” by – associated with.  Because after all, when you own a business, it becomes a part of your identity, both internal and external.  Your business (or other entity) name will be something people will associate with you.  As a result, we naturally often put a lot of thought, effort and even struggle into what that name should be; a feat of its own.  So when numerological consideration of the name is added to the plate, sometimes it can seem confusing and overwhelming.

In general, when someone asks about business names, I say the same thing I always say.  There are no “bad” numbers or vibrations.  It simply depends on the energy you desire to work or align with.  A lot of people seem to focus on a number that might represent money.  After all, when you’re in business, you wish for it to be successful and that usually means it also brings in the dough. 

But I disagree with focusing only on this aspect.  There is more to success and wealth than simply that.  The Truth is, Money is a blessing that results from Unity.  Not a magic equation. 

My belief is that True Numerology is the study of Pattern and Unity from a deeper point of view, verses focusing simply on a single number and exploiting it.  We don’t just study the number itself, but how it interacts and it’s place in the whole.  In truth, real numerological existence is in layers.  We can analyze the individual units to understand what they are.  But to find balance, we must look at a broader scale and how patterns exist and interact.  Yet also how to best utilize their energy and vibrations – focusing and channeling their “talents” in a way that is aligned with the Divine.  Each piece is individual in nature and yet plays a role necessary to the whole. 

You could call it Numerological Teamwork.  And therein lies the secret to health, wealth, success and happiness.

Numbers are the framework upon which everything else is based.  They provide the structure, the boundaries – they are the skeleton, if you will.  They make up the core; the foundation.  All else – the stars, your hands, your personality type, your appearance, your experience – springs from this core.  Without the structure, the rest will not exist or function in this universe.  So understanding what the heart of your purpose is, in this business or endeavor, will go far in helping you choose comfortably.

In making this decision, there are some questions you could ask yourself.  What do you wish to accomplish with your business?  When you look at the business as a whole, what is it?  What is it’s purpose or mission?  Why does it exist?  Why is it “here?” 

Some people simply choose to do business under their own personal name.  Which could be interpreted as an easier way to simply align your business with your own personal vibrations.  An understandable choice.  Because ultimately, everything you choose to do will be most successful when approached in such a way as not to cause discord with or blockage to your own path/purpose in this life.  However, it by no measure means that your business numbers should be the same as your personal numbers.  It can be anything you want.  Really!

When you visualize your business in joy, what do you see and what do you feel?  Take fear and debt completely out of the picture here, because they will only get in the way.  Visualize in power, what the identity of it is.  What do you wish to do?  What in your business do you feel the most joy and satisfaction about?  What is the ideal to be fostered here? 

The answers to these questions will ultimately lead you in the desired direction.  Is fame and fortune really your goal?  Is it simply to bring beauty to the world?  Is it simply to help others?  Is it to lay a foundation for the future to be built upon?  Is it to grant others a sense of safety and well being?  What is most important to you for your clients to feel in the presence of your business?  

Let’s try another angle.  If your business were a person, what would you want written on its grave stone?  What would you want it to be most remembered by and how?  How will you change the world?

Think of music.  After all, it is actually an expression of numerological action. 

Some music is energizing – just the pep talk and inspiration you need.  Some music is calming and healing.  Some music is more thoughtful and helps you get your head on straight.  Some music is purely an expression of joy – incredibly entertaining and memorable, and a different kind of healing.  Some music helps you receive well needed and better quality sleep.  Some music helps us face our doubts and fears.  Some music helps us remember who we are and to find ourselves again.  Some music is pure fun.  Some music is great for studying to.  And some is perfect for breaking the ice or making love. 

What is the music of the soul of your business or entity?  What is it in the Divine Direction of things?  What was it meant to do?  What are you meant to do?  If you are really concerned about choosing the “right” business number for you, this is a direction I encourage you to consider.  It is not the common one, but it’s sure to have great satisfaction and rewards.

What if you cannot change the name?  So what?  Use the energy that is there, the way it is meant to be used.  Don’t try to force 7 to be 3.  It will not work.  If you allow 7 to be 7, ultimately the gain is greater – even if you can’t logic it out.  Otherwise there will always be discordant energies and stress.  And though the human will goes a long way in shaping our reality, it cannot rewrite the law of the universe.  It works within it.  Remember, number vibrations will always have their way.  You either flow with them, or you break.  When things aren’t “working,” it usually means we’re not properly aligned and singing our “song.”  You just have to understand the language.  Once you’re there, it’s really no longer a concern.

In the end, don’t be fearful about names and numbers.  Just recognize them and respect them for what they are.  Understand their Divinity and our tendencies, traits, joys, weaknesses and strengths when we work with these energies.  And don’t be disappointed in them.  You wouldn’t get frustrated at your hand for not being able to be lungs.  The hand has its own purpose that is beautiful and Divine.  You wouldn’t wish your liver to be prettier and more pleasing to the eye.  It is designed perfectly for the job it was meant to fulfill, even if you can’t see it.   The liver is a liver; it would not be successful as a kidney, even if it seems their jobs appear similar.  Do you see what I mean? 

So when you desire to add numerology to the matter of choosing a business name:

  • Seek to identify your business’ identity, purpose, goal and mission.
  • Let your business numbers express their souls in Joy.Don’t bind them with fear or force them into a mold. 
  • Take a look at how those vibrations interact with each other. This includes your personal vibrations and your desired end purpose. You are always the center of your own universe and to get to the soul of the matter, we must always look at number concerns through the filter of your personal number-verse – the individually unique musical/vibrational chord that you vibrate to in this Life, at your soul level Divine state.
  • Focus, channel and utilize the vibrations and energies as they are Divinely designed. 
  • And “Know Thyself.”  Both you and your business.

At the end of your pursuit, this will make all the difference in the world.


For further information about Julia’s consultations, lectures, workshops, calendar and spiritual work,Numbers at Enumerations.net or www.DragonTea.net.

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Copyright © 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 by Julia Meek Chambers, all rights reserved.



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