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September/October 2009 Numerology Watch…..

Some general Fall/Winter 2009 astrology data for you:

Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune are all currently retrograde. Pluto just went direct Sept. 11th. And there is a Mercury-Sun Conjunction Sept 20.

Sept 29: Mercury goes direct
Oct 13: Jupiter goes direct
Nov 4: Neptune goes direct
Dec 1: Uranus goes direct
Dec 20: Mars goes retrograde
Dec 26: Mercury goes retrograde (just in time for the holiday)
Dec 31: partial Lunar Eclipse
Jan 13: Saturn goes retrograde
Jan 15: Annular Solar Eclipse

As I write this, we find ourselves under a Mercury retrograde, which often governs communication gone awry.  And though unlike many of my colleagues, I do not avoid writing during this time, I will however focus on a more general outlook.  I’m even teaching a numerology class during the retrograde and on a very intense Master Number day.  Daring I tell ya.  I’m really wild now.  Although the Master Number energy present on September 24th (the day of my class) is perfect for spiritual teaching.  Remember – it’s what you do with it.  Channel that energy the direction it seeks to flow.  If it seeks to be more reflective and spiritual, then that’s your focus.  If it seeks to be more physical and emotional, then that’s the focus you need.  It’s a tool – use it.

Jupiter is currently retrograde as well, still making physical and monetary goals harder to achieve and pushing us to more spiritual pursuits.  However, it will go direct October 13.  On top of that, in number energy there follows a lull after October 2 as we are sandwiched between two intense cycles of paradoxical energies that push us to our higher spiritual selves and away from physical pursuits as well.  These energies also push trials and challenges our direction.  A revealing of hidden truths and realities has been in operation with these number patterns, which we’ll find culminating in January.  Suppose you’ve already noticed all these though? 

It is a great time for us to be learning and growing.  For it is only when we are faced with challenge that we can overcome.  If you don’t know something is wrong, you can’t fix it and you don’t know what you don’t know.  “Nature” is seeking to balance itself. 

So many details are surfacing to challenge peoples ideas, ideals and preconceived notions.  They are also surfacing to challenge “group think” or what I like to call “box think.”  As a society, we are learning that as long as we insist on using boxes to label things as one or another, there will ultimately never be enough boxes.  It is a time for us to face our illusions – and we all have them.  No one, not I or even the most spiritual person in the world is exempt.  If you are physical, this is present in your life.  It is simply a sign of the plateau in development we are about to jump as a spiritual race.  Everyone talks about the world evolving – this is part of that process, part of the answer everyone has been seeking.  It is nothing to fear, nor is it something to feel you shouldn’t be affected by if you’re pursuing a spiritual life. 

As of this writing, we are getting ready to launch into a week of intense energies that present many challenges, some of them very surprising.  And the answer to these challenges in all cases comes ultimately to just this: It’s not what happens – it’s what you do and how you handle it.  It is all about responsibility as a spiritual being and what that means.  And it has little to do with the physical circumstances.  Make the best decisions you can.  Be careful with your words.  Don’t give in to drama and keep it simple and cut to the soul of the matter.

Once we get through this pattern, numerologically it becomes a better time than it has been in a while for business.  So for everyone that matters to, gear up and make your plans now to channel that energy spike.  And as Jupiter goes direct in the middle of the month, even more so.  For those in business, I believe October and Fall sales, probably Halloween in particular, will show strength.  They might even be better than Xmas.  Artistic endeavors also stand to do the best during this time, as do also all things that involve experiential entertaining and memories.  That is where we should see some activity.  And that kind of energy coupled with the usual energy of the Halloween/Fall holiday season should hold some significant spikes.  However, the favor tips towards that which stands out, enhances social occasion and quality.  Energy of the inventor and pioneer are strong at this time as well.  So think in terms of new ways to do things that haven’t been done before.  Serious business can be accomplished during this time, if we’re talking about buying substance.  December sales energetically appear likely to have a short window spike, so prepare now.

A note on recent focus on 9-09-2009 and 9-11-2009…. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I do not necessarily support emphasis on certain dates on this blog just because everyone else is talking about it.  Nor do I think you likely read my blog to hear the same information you get from everyone else.  Why bring it up?  Because my purpose is to teach.  Why not bring it up sooner?  Because it is not my purpose to divide, or distract anyone from pursuing a more spiritual ideal or the positive focus taking place at that time.

There are important messages in number patterns that should not be ignored.  However, numerologically….  9-9-2009 is not a 9 day, it is an 11 day, which we get roughly 3 times a month.  And that date is not really strong in 9 energy numerologically, it would be considered strong in 11 energyBecause 9 is the number that supports and never takes away from another vibration.  It serves to enhance others, not take over the lime light. 

Dropping the 2 in 2009 is a numerological no-no.  The true most recent 9-9-9 day was 9-9-2007.  Which I preached about back then.  9-11-2009 has a little more significance, but not in the sea of note we are experiencing this year.  It was not enough for me to note this time, even though Pluto did also go direct on that date. 

Anything you choose to give focus to will manifest by spiritual law.  When the world focuses on a particular date, yes, something can most definitely manifest.  And ultimately whatever it takes to get folks to focus on more positive things is fine for me.  If focusing on 9-09-2009 brings folks to a place of harmony, and helps them strive to be a better person and love their fellow man, then great.  It becomes a great tool.  However, it is not my purpose in this blog to note that which is emphasized by the physical.  My purpose is to note those patterns which are Divinely present without regard to Mankind’s focus.  They exist with or without our attention.  Numerologically, I did not find 9-09-2009 to be significant of and by itself.  It only becomes significant because of temporary physical focus.  This does not make it the same type of energy and message present divinely within number patterns rooted at the core. 

Patterns that do have divinely ordained messages from their core….  As you will notice below, November 11 is highlighted in red.  There is a reason for that.  It will be a very powerful date.  And likely the world will focus on it, increasing the energetic reality of it on both spiritual and physical planes.  Great things are afoot and this energy is powerful for all things spiritual.  I share with you now:  I am watching the entire week that date falls within.  So should you. 

More next time…..

Upcoming Dates of Numerological Significance:

Sept 24 – Oct 1, 2009
Oct 10-13, 2009
Oct 23-26, 2009
Nov 7, 2009
Nov 11, 2009
Nov 7-16, 2009 …this is a window to watch…


6 thoughts on “September/October 2009 Numerology Watch…..

  1. Hi
    Just read your blog. Very informative and interesting. I’m interested in the significance of 29/09/2009 thats 29 September 2009…2+9=11; +9; 2+9=11…so thats rather significant as it 2 11’s and a 9 adds up to 31…also significant?
    Let me know what your thoughts are on this date.

    Posted by Kerrin | September 29, 2009, 3:03 am
    • Hi Kerrin,

      Thanks for your question. In answering it, I found it became an article instead of a short response. you’ll find your question answered in the article: “What is the Significance of 9-29-2009?”

      Thanks again for posting!

      Posted by Jules | October 3, 2009, 1:22 pm
  2. Hi I am opening a business on nov 7…is that a good day to open a spiritual business?
    thank you

    Posted by eric t | October 21, 2009, 5:33 am
    • Thanks for your question Eric,

      Yes, spiritually speaking that date (in 2009) is aligned with a higher, more spiritual vibrational ideal. And it’s numerological sum boils down to 11. If your business has a spiritual purpose behind it, this date will flow well with it as long as all operates from the “pure heart.” However, do keep in mind a couple things:

      1) Master Numbers are karmic in nature. They push and challenge us to operate at higher spiritual planes. The number 11 specifically brings spiritual lessons into the challenges. It’s not about what physically happens – it’s about what you do and your spiritual alignment. My blog is fully searchable, so I encourage you to do a search on the number 11 here for more details on this type of energy. Great energy to channel spiritual focus, but there will always be opportunities to grow and practice as well. As long as you’re operating from the “pure heart,” this is really not an issue. Any misuse of this energy though will have a karmic slap. And Master Numbers do not require another lifetime to work out “karmic debt.” Results manifest very quickly under this vibration. Master Numbers do bring greater challenge and responsibility, but for greater reward and not without spiritual assistance.

      2) We look at dates, even for business, as the Lesson/Challenge. That which is being learned, worked on/improved upon and achieved, as well as the over-writing energetic focus. As a person, the birth date is that which we feel most urged towards, but also what we are most challenged by, because we chose that archetypal energy to work with as our lesson in this lifetime. Same with business.

      You may find my article on business names useful to you. Not to influence what you have already chosen, but to help expand on the principles I’ve referred to here. You can find it reprinted here: https://hereticalnumerologist.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/the-numerological-business-of-business-names/.

      Blessings on your new venture!

      Posted by Jules | October 21, 2009, 9:18 am
  3. Thanks

    Posted by Debbra Lanou | March 17, 2010, 11:36 pm
  4. Your site is like a blonde with a brain. I love it. Jokes aside, very informative article and equally impressive design.

    Posted by Angelamst | June 14, 2010, 11:39 am

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