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I Joined Spirit Jump – You Should Too!

For those who don’t know me personally – I crochet. And one of my passionate charity efforts is to give special crochet hats and items to people going through chemo or other major medical situations, especially to children. Crochet is very meditative for me and as I create something, I infuse the intent of joy and healing into what I make. I also focus energy toward the item being a beautiful experience to wear. Whether I give it away, or I sell my creation, I truly desire my work to be ongoing blessings to others.

Spirit Jump is a simple concept in sending encouragement to others. It’s as simple as a card to say hey – I’m pulling for you as you battle this; to say I send you Love. It doesn’t even require money to participate, only your time.

It’s perfect for my work, as I am given permission to essentially send someone healing. And I dare say that if you are reading my blog, that it’s perfect for your energetic work as well. Making a difference in this world one Light at a time.

Will you check it out?

Here's a flyer about Spirit Jump

Here's a flyer about Spirit Jump

BTW: Today’s numerological date = 44



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