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End of Year Numerology Watch 2008

Numerology Watch

Well guys, as we wrap up for the end of the year, there’s a lot going on in numerological energy. November and December of this year was already set to be more intense in energies. But as always, I’ve posted the dates I find of most significance below. Remember, the purpose of this is to give you a chance to plan to channel that energy to your advantage, rather than disadvantage. But also to help you know why people around you are having a time of it too. Numbers themselves are never bad. They are simply raw divine energy. How we react to them, positively or negatively to them, is where the difference lies. However, some energies, like those described in my outlooks, present greater challenges than most for most people and sometimes all of us. Also note that the foundation laid by these energies also sometimes plays out later.

The time left before the end of 2008 is intense with energetic conflict. The month of December cries out for Love and for a sense of stability, while the last year in the first set of nine in the New Millennium demands destruction, change and new beginnings as it winds down to its end. (Think the Tower card in tarot.) The other shoe has yet to drop. We are talking about change that knocks you off your feet, change you didn’t see coming, new ideas that couldn’t work before suddenly have credence now. You’ll hear a lot of “Since when does blah-blah….?!” Well, since now. Since not a moment more of the old ways or ideas or thought processes. If you find that confusing, the message simply is – focus on the Truth of Love.

A lot of karmic energy in in play as well, as hidden truths continue to be revealed and reality to face is brought to light. Delusions will be brought up short for us to come head to head with. Our idealistic ideas will no longer work. It is the closing of an age. Things will never be again the way they were, nor will they ever work that way again. We are evolving, as a society, as a world and as the human race. Which will be wonderful for those who open themselves to it and will be more painful to those who resist. We are now moving into a 9 year millennial “cleansing” period, with the first 4 being the most intense 2009-2012, as we realize the inheiritance passed down from our ancestors “unto the 11th generation.”

What I find rather interesting is that these challenges are for everyone, “enlightened” or not. We all have idealistic ideas that will be shattered now and in the time to come. We don’t know what it’s like to be a parent until it happens to us. We don’t know what it’s like to lose a loved one until it happens to us. Generations before could not understand the technology we have today, until they received it. Something we just don’t know yet is right around the corner. What currently can’t you imagine? Especially in your beliefs and relationships? This message is for all, because even we in the “new age” fields have old ways, attitudes and habits that must die.

The New Year brings a final demand of us that so very few of us have ever experienced before – a cry for balance within paradox. “Love Thy Enemy.” Forgive who you never thought you could. Acceptance that balance is in the midst of opposing views, not in the domination of just one “mine.” The Universe has had it with “won’t it be great when everyone is like us” and with the blame between brothers. And we are about to receive our next lesson in Unity. Be prepared to need those you thought you never would. Be prepared not to be able to afford to waste a friendship or to be too busy. Our society is about to shift completely. We cannot sustain our greed, fear and impatience any longer. We can no longer afford our judgmentality. Even if it takes the rest of our lifetimes to achieve this, the next generation will see something better. They must. And it has begun.

What is at work now, that so many see as surprising or even shocking, is part of a very long cycle that’s been eons in the making. Numerology is not about the minute details as much as the core raw essence.

December and January will continue to be extremely strong in this shift into new realities. The way of business and finance takes a hefty smack over the next 8 weeks. We will be challenged with things that have never before been challenges. Our next year lies at the crux of evolution. The last time this energy was felt in mass, at a lesser magnitude, multiple revolutions took place in the world, world leaders were assassinated.

Come together. Heal the wounds. The cry for the Love of White Light is strong. Use this time of celebration to preserve and heal your relationships, to strengthen your positive attitudes and blessings upon one another. Make peace with your brothers, rock on. The pillars of the Earth must stand.

Dates of numerological significance:

Dec. 11, with a lead-in on Dec. 10th. There is a LOT of energy swirling around this day. (Remember that in numbers, when I post about dates of numerological significance, you may begin to feel the influence as much as 3 days in advance – which is part of what makes them dates of note.) This day is best channeled into love and spiritual work. Please be patient with the world and others. Many will not react well to the extra pressures and challenges this day and coupling bring. We are beginning to feel the New Year energy stronger from this point in as well.

Dec 21 & 22 – this happens to also coincide with the winter solstice. Does that matter? I’m not really a solstice expert, but generally when you couple a major shift in one science with a major shift in another, you’re going to get a more profound result.

January 10 – This one will be intense folks. Been a long while since we’ve had this combo. And with the new year energy, it will be more intense.



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