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You missed one!

“Why didn’t you call the Nov 26th (2008) in Mumbai! It was an 11 day!”

Because it was just that. Only an 11 day. And because the months of November and December were already pegged for intensity as a whole. At least as far as numbers are concerned. I only post the strongest vibrations of each stretch of dates I’m forecasting. January, September, November and December were our strongest months in general in 2008. And I use westernized numerology methods. Not eastern.

You have to remember that even though a small percentage of occurrance over all, 11 is the most common master number possible in dates. And though master number days do bring extra challenges, to be a date of numerological significance on my roster, other factors are generally present than just simply an 11. Lots of wars, violent things and even car accidents happen in the world on 11 days, as well as other days. They don’t have to stand out. Even 9/11 was “just a 5.” “Just change.”

However to be fair, the Nov. 26th “11” vibration fell three days after the most intense numerological combo I found in the already ultra-intense month of November. Remember, foundations are often laid on the dates I describe for shifts to take place later. And I always teach that these major configurations are not too unlike eclipses, where you expect to see the vibrational influence 3 days out either direction. Why? Such concepts have been handed down for centuries, for one. Numerology operates off the principle that what is bound on earth is bound in heaven and visa versa. Next – because somewhere in the world is always a date ahead of us or a date behind. So technically, the world begins to experience that vibration even before it reaches the ends of the Earth. Bleed in and bleed out. Make sense?



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