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How To Handle Dates of Numerological Significance….?

Ok, since I’ve been asked about the best way to handle this kind of energy, I’ll add a little here to go along with what has been posted. I usually cover this in more detail in my classes or consults.

First, let me make it very clear, yet again, and I will never tire of explaining this to everyone. There are NO bad numbers or vibrations. Same thing with astrological significances. There is simply our reaction. Retrogrades and eclipses are not bad. They are OPPORTUNITIES! Numbers are a way of analyzing the divine connection every number 1-9 has as a part of the Divine Whole. They are the parts that make up the Golden Mean, the Golden Spiral, The Flower of Life. Together, they are the portal to Divine Source. When I describe a day of numerological significance, I never look at it as bad, nor does Fear ever enter my mind. Nor do I wish it for you. Please see these energies for the information and tools they are meant to be. You keep asking for a message and a sign. They are right there all around you – open your heart and see! Numerology is a way of learning how these various perfect energies interact and become a channel to the Divine. Make sense?

OK – The more intense energies, generally speaking, put pressure on us to raise our vibrations through overcoming. That does not always mean, think happy thoughts. This is often achieved through challenges. This is not easy for everyone. Some people are more accustomed, maybe older souls, and many are not. The are-not’s unfortunately find it very uncomfortable. It is not entirely true that we create our own reality, because we are actually co-creators. So we affect others and they affect us. How that effect takes place in our life and our reaction is our choice, but the fact of effection is generally not. That’s not the way of life on this planet in this lifetime. It is our purpose to be co-creators here. If we were to be autonomous islands, we would have incarnated somewhere else. That’s just not why we are here at this time. Arguably, the higher your vibration the less others negativity *has* to effect you. But still, most of us interact with each other in the physical world. This means even if you’re doing fine, someone else may be having a crappy day and will spill it on you. What happens next is up to you.

Understanding and loving (an action not just a feeling) other people is the key to all this. It’s the crux of why I write what I do. Now that you know many others out there may have a hard time with this energy, even if you don’t, then you are in a better position to make a difference in their lives by maintaining a living example of energy, if nothing else.

When it comes to activities, I generally recommend the positive side of spiritual service and love. Like for instance, the 3 Mondays coming up that I would eye for increased safety precaution on the road. The energy is ripe for spiritual activity and service and if channeled as such can be wonderful. There is challenge energy inherent as well, but when you operate from a pure heart, this is just less of a personal issue. The more gunk you have, the more these days smack you. But in channeling this powerful energy into something loving and spiritual, even if it’s just your focus on how you treat every single person who crosses your path that day, you also tackle your own challenges making them obsolete. You also make a positive effect on the world as well. Want to save lives, focus your energy that way!

Since these energies begin the weekend before the Monday whenever I see this, I recommend using the Sunday before in a very loving and peaceful manner. No division, just love and peace. And when you infuse it with the intention of love to all around you, it will lay the ground work for a much easier Monday for you as well as others.

I’m a firm believer in: Be the Blessing. Simply because you are Love. More than words you speak, BE it.



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