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The Spirit Of 9/11: A Numerological Perspective

It happened 11 years ago today.  And though the energy of 9/11/2001 is identical to the energy of 7/4/1776 (a 11/5 day), it is the sub-vibration of 11 I’d like to focus on today.  Especially the 11 Master Number cycle and what it teaches us.  After all, the upcoming Dec 21, 2012 that everyone is … Continue reading

Numerology is founded upon the principle Faith that there is an Order to the Universe. That there is purpose, reason and meaning behind all structure and design in this Existence; even ultimately that all such pattern and logic points to a grand Creator and unique purpose in all creation. This blog contains personal observations regarding number and pattern in this world of duality, both physical and spiritual-energetic.
May it be useful in your own quests for Truth.

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